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Grow your passive income with a profitable eCommerce Amazon FBA business.

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What exactly is AMAZON FBA?

In This In-Depth Course, I’ll Show You…

Product Research

This is the absolute MOST important step we will go through together. This is where we find a potential product to sell on Amazon’s marketplace. We follow a set of criteria where will help us determine if the product is viable or not.

Creating A Listing

Just like eBay we will create a listing for Amazon’s marketplace so our customers can find us. However creating a listing is more than just text and images. It’s about creating a compelling listing that will entice customers to purchase our products rather than our competition.

Ranking Your Listing

Once our listing is created and our products go live. The next thing we must do is rank our product to the first page. Getting to the first page on a product catalog is crucial to the success of our Amazon business. Once our product reaches page 1, we will see the cash pouring in!

Building Your Portfolio

Once we’ve launched our first successful product, we do not want to stop there. We want to build our portfolio of products that will generate us massive amounts of revenue. A strong portfolio of 4 products generating $5,000 each ($20,000 total) will ALWAYS be better than 1 product doing $20,000.

Contacting & Finding Suppliers

Here is where we find top notch quality suppliers that we will manufacture our products from and private label.


Now that we've sourced a product, created your listings, and built out your portfolio, it's time to scale! I'll show you my tried and true methods for achieving growth in your Amazon FBA business!

Free Mini Courses

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The Facebook Ad Blueprint

This mini-course breaks down facebook ads into a couple of key segments. You will learn how to properly set up your business manager and install Facebook pixel. We breakdown the whole process of any media creation related to ads, how to make your pictures or videos more appealing to your audiences, what colors to use etc. Learn how to create original texts for your ads, how to properly structure your words, so they have more value in front of your customers.

The Proof Puddin’

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