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About Step To Success

At Steps To Success, you will find the resources you need to build a successful business while maintaining a pleasurable, balanced lifestyle. Our courses are built from the same recipe that we use to generate over $8 million in yearly revenue, and through which we’re constantly finding the most profitable niches in Amazon FBA. We take what we learn and open source this information through webinars, videos, live YouTube events, and our courses to literally save you thousands of your hard earned dollars.

Hi, I’m Sohrab…

My name is Sohrab Izad, being proactive and taking risks has led me to become a multimillionaire in my twenties.

Several profitable businesses have contributed to where I am in life, however, it all started with a simple decision that changed my life— take risks and be in control of my life.

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in finance, I was offered a job with remarkably generous salary and benefits.

However, I was reluctant in accepting the offer. I asked myself 3 questions:

  1. If this company can afford to offer one individual employee such generous pay, how much is the owner of the business taking home?
  2. Does this salary justify the number of hours that I work for the company?
  3. Do I want to limit my freedom by working set number of hours and by taking orders from others?

After much consideration, I did not accept the “dream job” offer, what I ended up doing was I started a construction business with a loan and became my own boss. In short 4 months, I paid back all my debts for starting my construction business, and within 3 years, the number of locations has grown to 3.

Since my construction venture became fruitful, I found opportunities and successes in other industries. I believe the initial decision to take risks and take control of my life has shaped and defined who I am.

2 years ago, I came across Amazon FBA and I was fascinated that there is an established and sound platform providing the right staff, equipment and logistic handlings for people to trade through this platform. Think as an entrepreneur in any business, staffs must be hired, and equipment must be purchased for your business, and this is just a fraction of all difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. However, Amazon FBA already takes care all of that and beyond for you.

Intrigued by such a business model, I tried to trade on Amazon FBA, and my first 6 figures on this platform was obtained after numerous trial-and-errors. I was thrilled that I have found a way to make sizeable passive income through Amazon FBA.

I believe “Living within your means” gives you the safety you deserve, and when you have a way to earn a sizeable passive income, your “means” is expanded. I am a curious person, and I always want to know more and learn more about the world I live in. I strive daily to become the best version of myself possible. With more disposable income, enriching your life possible, whether it is going on a vacation with loved ones to create exciting experiences together, or going back to school to study a subject of interest.

A number of my friends are aware of my Amazon venture, and they have also started to sell on Amazon FBA. During their journeys, they have come to me for clarifications when they run into problems, and I tried my best to help by answering their questions. As I was trying to help my friends, I realized this a platform which can be helpful to many people out there to be one step closer to achieving financial freedom, and to an extent, helpful to the existing sellers because of the booming growth of Amazon FBA as a whole. Shortly, I have then created Steps TO Success YouTube channel and courses for the purpose of sharing my expertise with my experience in Amazon FBA and related knowledge on E-Commerce and International Trades.

Amazon FBA provides a mature and realistic platform to create passive income with great flexibility, and I would love to see more people joining this platform. I believe my experience and background can be of help for people who are just started to utilize this platform, or want to try their hands on but unsure how. Amazon FBA equips ready-to-be entrepreneurs with the right staff, right equipment, product storage and many more features beyond.

Your financial freedom is worth fighting for!