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“The whole process has been lovely. I’ve had phone calls with Rob, he has answered all of my questions. He’s looked at my pictures, helped me decide what my first product should be, and so much more. I wouldn’t have been able to move forward with out him!”


“What makes StepsToSuccess course different is the one on one mentoring. The ability to ask Rob anything and receive a quick response is what has really helped my Amazon FBA business go to the next level. I would not have the confidence that I have in this without Rob’s mentorship.”


“I know there’s a lot of different courses out there and there is a lot of different people that you can work with. Having been through the experience that I have been through and the help I’ve gotten from Rob, I can say Rob’s course is the best out there.”


“Rob showed me how to make an extra $3 to $5K a month through Amazon FBA. I’ve tried everything from Shopify drop shipping to affiliate marketing. I knew nothing of Amazon FBA before this course. Rob showed me the ropes and everything I needed to learn this business”


“My life has change rapidly since I’ve started selling my private label product on Amazon. Sohrab Izad has changed my life with his course Steps to Success. With this course, you not just getting a course. You’re gonna get mentored. If I have a question, he always answers!”

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